Adapatability Renovation Preservation


Status: FINISH
Years: 2017
Size: 1.150 sqm
Primary architects: Rosario Picciotto, Li Guojin, Francesco Pinton, Tu Liqiang, Francesco Polo Quaranta, Wu Shunhua, Zhou Wei, Michele Maddaluno, Luca Tacchetto, Luca Recchioni, Lavinia Ripepi, Cai Mengyun

The project is spread over a large new space result from the union of more residential units, on the same floor of the building, with interposed blocks Vertical connection with stairs and elevators. An interposed axis distribution divides the two areas, public and private, with the function of transit and connection, including destinations in service for use by private domains.
The new residence is divided longitudinally, from west to east, with the main front intended for public functions, both for the playful side for both the strictly private, the central sector services and distribution, the secondary front to private functions and hospitality. The axis officer of the project is characterized by a system of sliding panels, suitable to house the works of art, which in their articulated trends, track the glass facade to the south. This ideal exhibition system, creates an art gallery which, through its exhibition walls, alternating each time new settings for his works of art. The main residence has been made deliberately detached to maintain its exclusive appearance both in its parts and in its facilities.
This is characterized by a private access, a living directly linked to the dinning and private study through a system of panels / sliding wall that once overlapped, allowing a comprehensive view of space as a single open space. From private practice, through a small meditative space you can access the loggia of the SPA. The master suite, located in the north, has a living and bed room connected to the walk-in closet and large bathroom with double sinks, tub, shower and private toilet cabin. The SPA, for its exclusive use, has a massage room, guest bathroom and access to the lodge where we find the mini hydro pool and relax beds.
At the center of the residence are the rooms for the service functions as the large kitchen with its local service, directly connected to the traditional dinning, the guest bathrooms, laundry and ironing services, housing the servants and the room for drivers. The area destined to the hospitality is characterized by two junior suites with living room bed, dressing & bathroom.