Adapatability Renovation Preservation


Years: 2012
Size: 600 sqm
Primary architects: Rosario Picciotto, Luciana Bassan, Filippo Maragotto, Andrea Malacchini, Elisabetta Carlevari, Federico Ottogalli, Francesco Pinton, Giacomo Accordi, Alper Bozna

Biocasa 82 House, located in Treviso, Italy, is the first private residence that has acquired the LEED Platinum certification of Europe. The project was designed by architect Rosario Picciotto for Claudia and Enrico Moretti Polegato, president of diadora sporting goods company. Welldom is responsible for the construction and consultant of the project. Studies have shown that measured according to 100-year life span, it's 60% less harmful emissions than traditional houses.

The project was built by the founder and president of Welldom, Giovanni Fabris. Adopted advanced construction technologies in the field of sustainable bio-climatic engineering, therefore, the indoor air environment of temperature and humidity are maintained in standard. At the same time, acoustical and optical system is also set up as naturally as possible. In addition, all rooms are free of radon gas, electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields.

From the environmental point of view, House 100% energy is renewable energy, generated by a photovoltaic system, providing around 14kwh power, air conditioning and hot water is provided by a geothermal power plant. In terms of building materials, as far as possible using all local environmental and recyclable materials: FSC or PEFC standards for wood, natural silicate plaster, stone flooring and concrete.

Outside of the building has shading curtain blocking, makes the people inside the house enjoy the nature through the glass window. Inside, almost all individually tailored. The karman white chandelier in the living room, the vitra emis lounge chair and the moroso sofa, the modular white leather armchair in the bedroom, and the huge yellow marble bathtub. Viabizzuno also designed and produced the original geometry source for the entire house.