Adapatability Renovation Preservation

Shigatze Historical City Preservation Project

Years: 2014
Size: 90.000 sqm
Primary architects: Rosario Picciotto, Li Guojin, Francesco Pinton, Francesco Polo Quaranta, Michele Maddaluno, Luca Tacchetto, Luca Recchioni, Lavinia Ripepi, Cai Mengyun, Wu Shunhua

Shigatse, Tibetan word for "manor of the fertile soil," is one of the three famous historical and cultural city in Tibet. Project site is located in the south foothill of the Tashilhunpo Monastery and the Mt. Dzong in Shigatse, Dzong were at the top of the mountain, plots has a slope from south to north. The overall planning area is divided into two plots, the protection control area and the construction control area. Project design focused on protecting Tibetan culture and heritage, enhancing the overall image of the city, and realizing the tourism industry upgrading.

Protection of historical and cultural city will focus on combination of urban renovation and local residents' development. People-oriented, regard the human development as an important part of project planning. Not simple demolition relocation, but allow local residents to participate in the project construction and operation. Local residents' way of life, state and habits retained, urban development projects and investment income will remain on this ground; This is the main emphasis of cultural protection of the project.

Planning make full use of Tibetan settlements constitution and architectural elements. Using environment and climate research, the mechanism of urban context, human Settlement, architectural spatial scale, building materials and other factors to make integrated design.