Adapatability Renovation Preservation


Years: 2018
Size: 320 acres
Primary architects: Li Guojin, Rosario Picciotto, Francesco Pinton

The project area is situated at the south foot of the Dzong hill and covers all his extension up to the southern main road. The existing building The redevelopment area has been divided in two phases Shigatse city. The project plot stands at the south of the dzong castle that is one of the two most important buildings in Shigatse. The Dzong castle stands at the top of an hill and all the plot has a little slope from north to south.

The existing building is completely maintained and renovated, inside we obtained the suite. The guest rooms are formed into two new plans built on a hillside. The roof of the existing building then becomes terrace for the new Houses. Common areas (the restaurant, the entrance lobby and the bar) are located inside the new wings built along the perimeter of the existing perimeter wall.

The shopping center consists of six independent buildings each one have four floors, in the middle there’s the square that becomes a point of aggregation and public life, has a mobile platform for cultural events.