Adapatability Renovation Preservation


Years: 2019
Size: 8.600sqm
Primary architects: Li Guojin,Rosario Picciotto, Francesco Pinton, Marco Bisenzi, Tu Liqiang, Fang Hui, Tang Qian, Li Zhaocai, Li Yin, Lin Meng, Cai Mengyun, Wang Yahua, Cui Zhiyuan, Tong Lina, Tang Junzhe

The USUNHOME THEATER is located at the north side of Donghu Park, South Second Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

In 2018, the USUNHOME Group decided to upgrade the existing building to the "Stolen Heart immersion theater", which will bring a better user experience.

Formerly known as the Fourth City Garden Restaurant, the site covers an area of about 1,800 square meters and has four floors with a total construction area of 8,600 square meters. The whole building is divided into four parts. The square part of the building first floor is a commercial and theater lobby. The rectangular part of the first floor and the second to third floors of the building are immersed theaters. The whole forth floors are offices. Considering the cost-effectiveness, the land reform will maintain the original pattern, and replace the old buildings, update the old building facades, indoor spaces and external landscape environment, and comprehensively enhance its use value. In addition, to make full use of the space to transform the roof into a roof top garden bar. The west side of the building is combined with topography and fire fighting pools to form a semi-underground commercial plaza.

The goal of the transformation is a high-quality cultural venue that can accommodate different functions efficiently and flexibly, blending theaters with other cultural events, revolutionizing the perception of urban theaters, and making the theater vibrant throughout the day and night. Through this project, we will unveil a new chapter, create an innovative and contemporary meeting, and bring high-quality immersive performances to the audience, so that they can enjoy the time outside the drama in the spacious public space.

The renovation area is 8,600 square meters, the first floor is 4.5 meters high, the second floor is 6 meters high, and the third and fourth floors are 5.5 meters high. The façade is made of aluminum and glass curtain wall to form a ribbon package, which is combined with LED light strips to further enhance the vertical design. The color enhances the landmarks of the building with warm red and orange. From a technical point of view, the standard façade curtain wall interface standard module can be prefabricated at the factory and installed on site to meet the requirements of saving construction time and controlling effects, the equipment are all opened on the aluminum plate and the louvers are hidden. Air conditioning hosts are placed in the roof unit.

The entrance lobby adds a signature awning to the landscape based on the original structure. The awning and diagonal bracing with the entrance sign are eye-catching. The interior design of the lobby has an industrial style and a sense of city, with immersive drama to create a foreground space for the drama. The theater part is bare top, combined with the drama view, the steel frame and the lightweight partition wall are required to make changes with the repertoire. The roof is decorated with a green wall facing the equipment room and the façade of the bar operation room, and the public space, the aisle and the outer pendulum area are divided. Part of the semi-underground building of the fire pool is extended to the façade style and designed to be turf roof to create a holistic and unique landscape.