Adapatability Renovation Preservation


Years: 2015
Size: 6,800 sqm
Primary architects: Rosario Picciotto, Li Guojin, Marco Bisenzi, Francesco Pinton, Luca Tacchetto, Tu Liqiang, Fang Hui, Wu Shunhua, Cai Mengyun

Renovation project includes six single building and the site landscape: creative master fashion workshop, Usunhome art& fashion industry management operation center, creative runway, stylish art salon, creative Master promenade.


In the future the art museum is completed and open for the public, there will be a large scale needs of audience Capacity and exhibits, so the promenade under the bridge will be an art gallery, space under the bridge Will be used for the multifunctional room and audio- visual room, to meet the demands of future cultural Industry development. On the south side, the use of transparent glass walls provide the beautiful courtyard Landscape for visitors when enjoying tea, creating a relaxing and quiet environment.


We keep the existing furniture and walls in our design, use partial improvement to re-sort the internal functional relationships, and meet the needs of different usage and flow lines. Design establish a clear open space and private space. Using the excellent landscape view and the elegant and comfortable décor to create a high-end exhibition space and rest environment. Courtyard can double as an outdoor pavilion or hold a reception activities.