Adapatability Renovation Preservation

Changsha Xunlong River Art Town

Type: Planning, Renovation
Years: 2015
Size: 78,600 sqm
Primary architects: Li Guojin, Rosario Picciotto、 Francesco Pinton, Matteo Grassi, Michele Maddaluno, Stefano Benfatto, Xu Zhihong, Tiziana Zangirolami, Wu Shunhua, Luca Tacchetto, Cai Mengyun, Wang Qian

The Magee DreamWorks is located in the southeast corner of the Ecological Art Town of Xunlong River, Changsha, China. It is the core functional section of Magee Island Country Park. The site covers an area of 155 Chinese Mu and has a total construction area of 16,555 sqm. It is the theme building complex for the renovation of 14 workshops. The maximum height of the building is 18 meters and the total investment is about 150 million Yuan.

The DreamWorks Project is the world's first creative cartoon amusement park with the family and children. The six theme modules are lush forests, immersive cartoon scenes, and novel and interesting rides are internationally integrated with sightseeing tours, animation exhibitions, situational experiences, food and beverage shopping, science education, resort hotels and integrated services. The magical theme cartoon paradise of advanced technology concepts.

"Crazy Magee" is the first venue of the Global Golden Eagle Cartoon with the theme of No. 81 Farm, allowing visitors to participate in the star-family competition. The adventurous visitors can drive a "Magee machine fleet," arrived at "Magee paternity restaurant" bites cartoon meals. Visitors can also experience two interactive experiences in the "Magee Adventures" and "Magee Star Optics Park" and "Magee Hero Headquarters". The top view platform of the Magee Animation Art Center is a great choice for enjoying the natural scenery and the beauty of the setting sun. Magee's never-ending innovative ideas collide with the industrial culture of the orchard farm vehicle manufacturer that has accumulated over 14 years, and will create a dream factory that is "happy, energetic and magically different".