Adapatability Renovation Preservation

Xinhua Park Architecture Renovation

Years: 2021
Size: City Art Center Complex 7343㎡
Restaurant 890㎡
Primary architects: Li Guojin, Gao Qing,Cai Mengyun,Paolo Gaeta
Xinhua Park was established in 1988 and opened in 1993. It is one of the important large-scale civic parks in Chengdu and has a very important position in the hearts of Chengdu citizens.

This comprehensive renovation and upgrading design focuses on how to "renew" Chinese cities where the old and the new coexist? We are trying to provide an answer to the problems that are often faced in today's urban reality: how to develop both the old and the new culture in the area where the old and new cultures collide. A cultural landmark that is connected to memory and can play a practical role in the ever-changing contemporary urban cultural landscape.

The Xinhua Park Urban Art Center complex consists of four cultural detached buildings + commercial chassis, which are art galleries, museums, training institutions, and multimedia centers. The four single buildings are mirrored and juxtaposed, the intermediate volume is separated to form a line of sky, the superstructure is connected by bridges, and the sky shines down to form a unique landscape. The overall development of the building chassis and the site creates a good commercial atmosphere. The four corners of the building are cut into transparent spaces of building blocks, which merge with the virtual and real changes of the facade to form a Rubik's Cube intention.

The new Western restaurant consists of two rings nested up and down, one floating in the air and one ring up from the ground, forming a strong momentum. The raised ring forms the entrance to the restaurant, welcomes the high-end guests, the floating ring naturally forms the suspension rain shed, which can be used as the dining room landscape outside the swing space. The facade of the ring is arranged vertically with bamboo tubes to form the mechanism of the ring, so that organic materials can be integrated with the natural links of the surrounding park. When light shines through the bamboo curtain into the restaurant, it leaves a poetic shadow in the dining room space.