Adapatability Renovation Preservation

Sanjiang Courtyard Clubhouse

Years: 2020
Size: 386㎡
Primary architects: Li Guojin, Gaoqing, Cai Mengyun

The total length of Guanying street is 98 meters. No. 9 courtyard is located in the east section of Guanying street. It is a traditional two-way courtyard in southern Sichuan style. The current courtyard covers an area of 386 square meters, most of the houses have one floor and some have two floors. The front yard is facing the street. The current height of the north house is 3.4 meters, with a mezzanine on it. The highest point inside is 1.9 meters, and the highest point inside is about 2.5 meters after descending the board. The main room in the backyard has two floors. The main room on the first floor is 5 meters high (without mezzanine), and the highest point in the bedroom on the second floor is 4 meters, which is distributed from east to West (poor floor structure).

The name of the project “Sanjiang bieyuan” has a clear and elegant meaning. It is specially designed for the exclusive logo and has a long history.

Bamboo in Sichuan is famous all over the country. The ancient saying of “not to live without bamboo” conveys the temperament of “literati”. The front desk is decorated with stone facade and dark gray matte metal edge. The cut of rough stone facade is inlaid with bronze acrylic backlight logo, and the two sides are equipped with warm light table lamps, which is symmetrical and solemn. Raise the patio of the front yard, and use stone as slope to drain water to the narrow metal inlet. (inscription desk) is facing Xiaobao tea room, and on the right side (North conference room + corporate project culture exhibition area), it can also be used for outdoor release or highend banquets, forum activities, etc. when the weather is fine, so as to become a natural outdoor reception hall. On the right hand side is the toilet, which has a two seat hand washing area, a toilet with urinal and squatting position, and a toilet with sink and toilet (ladies can make up).

Guests can directly enter the conference area for business meetings, visits, and can also be guided to the reception hall for tea breaks. When guests enter the reception hall from the front hall, they will pass through the middle hall and see a group of tea tables and bookcases. This group of tea tables selects the products of "Mumei", the representative brand of Chinese design furniture. Through the middle hall into the backyard, around the backyard are medium compartment, rainproof tea place, staircases, bar, stage and KTV. From here, guests can go up through the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

Facing the ancient stage, behind the middle hall is the rainproof tea place, where guests can listen to songs and watch plays. On the left side of the stage is KTV, which is designed as a sunken circular layout. Guests can sit and sing comfortably in the hard stone, and experience unique and interesting. The bar area is on the left side of the stage. Bar with coppery and solid wood color, reflect noble, consistent with the overall style.

On both sides of the middle hall are the reception hall, the medium and large dinning compartments. The big compartment is divided into dining area and rest area. The whole compartment is wrapped in wood color. The composition of wood color is broken by the waiter’s desk and decorative painting to brighten the space. Lamps do not

choose the decorative lamp, choose the boundless downlight matrix layout, increase the height of the space, and then use spotlights and decorative table lamps to make the space more hierarchical. The small room next to the big bag uses rough stones as the background, with light clouds hanging on it, to make big design in a small space.

Next to the small bag is the big meeting room, which is similar to the big bag. The wood color is used as the background, and the matrix cloth lamp is simple and practical.

Next to the meeting room, behind the moon door and bamboo curtain is the public toilet. The color of wood and stone collides, and the rough texture is compared with the mirror material, forming an elegant atmosphere.

The suit needs to be lifted up for 10 cm with the floor heating, and decorated with the oak and red leather finishes. The king’s bed room is arranged on the middle hall, with the copper metal elements to make it more noble.